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It is assumed that the reader is reasonably familiar with the
dpkg System Administrators' manual. Unfortunately this
manual does not yet exist.

-- The Debian packaging manual.


rproxy and rsync-3.0 slides from the 2001 linux.conf.au conference and LinuxWorld Expo and Conference New York.

The rsync in http paper describes the original idea behind rproxy. The technical details have changed a little since it was written, but it's still a good summary. This paper was presented at the 1999 Conference of Australian Linux Users, and is published in their proceedings.

installation and use

The Rough Guide to rproxy provides practical instructions about setting up rproxy.

NEW March 2001: Manual pages:


We're also writing a protocol specification [txt, html, Latte] to help other people implement the extensions to HTTP, but this document trails the current sourcebase.

API documentation

NEW February 2001: Some librsync API documentation [html, ps.gz, pdf], generated with the aid of Doxygen. This covers the current development (0.9) API, which is not completely documented or stable yet.


Also, there are some random development documents that you may find interesting.

Copyright (C) 1999-2001 by Martin Pool unless otherwise noted.

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