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To install from CVS you must retrieve the librsync and rproxy/proxy modules, in that order.

initial anonymous checkout

Enter these commands to get an initial checkout of the CVS source:

rproxy is available by read-only anonymous CVS from samba.org. The Samba anonymous CVS mirror lags the development tree by an hour or so.

      $ export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs@pserver.samba.org:/cvsroot
      $ cvs login
      $ cvs -z4 co -d librsync-anoncvs librsync
      $ cvs -z4 co -d rproxy-anoncvs rproxy/proxy

When prompted for a password, type "cvs".

Read the README.CVS file in the source directory for detailed instructions on how to get a checkout and build from CVS.

If you have a Samba development account, you can get a writable rproxy checkout by following these instructions, but substituting

      $ export CVSROOT=you@cvs.samba.org:/data/cvs


To update your source directory from the CVS repository, enter the directory and type:

      $ cvs -z4 update -d -P


If you would just like to view the contents or history of the codebase, then you can use CVSweb.

rsync encoding library

standalone proxy

source code for documentation

Latte source code for the web site

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