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Todo List

global rs_mdfour64(rs_mdfour_t *m, unsigned int *M)
Recode to be fast, and to use system integer types. Perhaps if we can find an mdfour implementation already on the system (e.g. in OpenSSL) then we should use it instead of our own?

Apparently rsync 2.4 now has a fast MD4 routine. So we should copy that into here.

global rs_patch_begin(rs_copy_cb *copy_cb, void *copy_arg)
As output is produced, accumulate the MD4 checksum of the output. Then if we find a CHECKSUM command we can check it's contents against the output.

Implement COPY commands.

global rs_trace_to(rs_trace_fn_t *)
Do we really need such fine-grained control, or just yes/no tracing?

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